This document has been approved by the Chairman of Troia (UK) Restaurants Ltd (the Company) and sets out the Company’s policy and approach to conducting its tax affairs and to dealing with tax risk. It has been published in accordance with the Company’s duty to publish a tax strategy under Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016. We will review our strategy annually and any amendments will be approved by the board. This current strategy is effective for the year ending 1 January 2023.


The legislation requires the Company to set out its approach and attitude to a number of areas concerning UK taxation and its relationship with the UK tax authorities. Accordingly, this strategy focuses on the Company’s tax policy and to the Company’s dealings with HMRC.


Attitude towards tax planning and level of tax risk

The Company’s attitude towards tax planning is one of responsible compliance and low risk that creates value for all stakeholders by driving sustainable results and avoiding reputational risk. The Company aims to minimize risks which give rise to tax uncertainty by making reasonable interpretations of tax legislation which are in the spirit of the law, and by pursuing a relationship of co-operative compliance with HMRC where possible.


Tax planning

Tax planning is undertaken only to the extent that it is based on commercial and economic substance. The Company does not pursue tax planning that creates abusive results or wholly artificial arrangements, but will respond to tax incentives, reliefs and exemptions to the extent they are available and commercially applicable.


Risk Management and Governance

Overall responsibility for the Company’s tax strategy and tax risk management rests with the Senior Accounting Officer of the Company. Tax risks are assessed as part of the Company’s formal governance processes and key tax strategies and risks are reviewed regularly between our CFO and Chairman.


Relationship with HMRC

The Company actively pursues a relationship with HMRC that is open and transparent. Members of the Company’s finance department meet regularly with external advisors who are in direct contact with HMRC, working on a collaborative basis to achieve early agreement on any disputed issues. The Company welcomes the opportunity of working with HMRC as it believes it helps reduce uncertainty and drives value for all stakeholders in the Company’s business.